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5/15 & 5/16 King Drive-In Russellville AL (1.5 hours from Huntsville)

5/15 & 5/16 De Anza Mission Four Drive-In Montclair CA (40 minutes from L.A.)

5/15 & 5/16 Ocala Drive-In Ocala FL (40 minutes from Gainesville)

5/15 & 5/16 Jesup Drive-In Jesup GA (1.5 hours from Savannah)

5/15 & 5/16 Tibbs Drive-In Indianapolis IN

5/15 & 5/16 Tri Way Drive-In Plymouth IN (30 minutes from South Bend)

5/15 & 5/16 Hummel Drive-In Winchester IN (1.5 hours from Indianapolis)

5/15 & 5/16 Raleigh Road Drive-In Henderson NC (30 minutes from Asheville)

5/15 & 5/16 Hounds Drive-In Kings Mountain NC (35 minutes from Charlotte)

5/15 & 5/16 Mayfield Road Drive-In Chardon OH (40 minutes from Cleveland)

5/15 & 5/16 South Drive-In Columbus OH

5/15 & 5/16 Dixie Drive-In Theatre Dayton OH

5/15 & 5/16 Midway Drive-In 2 Ravenna OH (30 minutes from Akron) 

5/15 & 5/16 Elm Road Drive-In Warren OH (30 minutes from Youngstown)

5/15 & 5/16 Chief Drive-In Chickasha OK (45 minutes from Oklahoma City)

5/15 & 5/16 Tower Drive-In Poteau OK (40 minutes from Fort Smith AR)

5/15 & 5/16 Moonlite Drive-In Brookville PA (1.5 hours from Pittsburgh) 

5/15 & 5/16 Brownsville Drive-In Brownsville PA (1 hour from Pittsburgh)

5/15 & 5/16 Starlight Drive-In Butler PA (50 minutes from Pittsburgh)

5/15 & 5/16 Super 322 Drive-In Theater Clearfield PA

5/15 & 5/16 Dependable Drive-In Corapolis PA (20 minutes from Pittsburgh)

5/15 & 5/16 Haar's Drive-In Dillsburg PA (1 hour from Lancaster)

5/15 & 5/16 Midway Drive-In Lewistown PA

5/15 & 5/16 Evergreen Drive-In Mount Pleasant PA (45 minutes from Pittsburgh)

5/15 & 5/16 Cumberland Drive-In Newville PA (1 hour from Hershey)

5/15 & 5/16 Sunset Drive-In Waterford PA (1 hour 45 minutes from Cleveland OH)

5/15 & 5/16 Moonlite Drive-In West Wyoming PA (1.5 hours from Allentown)

5/15 & 5/16 Highway 21 Drive-In Beaufort SC (50 minutes from Hilton Head Island)

5/15 & 5/16 Parkway Drive-In Maryville TN (25 minutes from Knoxville)

5/15 & 5/16 Sparta Drive-In Sparta TN (1.5 hours from Nashville)

5/15 & 5/16 Tascosa Drive-In Amarillo TX

5/15 & 5/16 Galaxy Drive-In Ennis TX (40 minutes from Dallas)

5/15 & 5/16 Showboat Drive In Hockley TX (35 minutes from Houston)

5/15 & 5/16 De Anza Redwood Drive-In West Valley UT (20 minutes from Salt Lake City) 


“This ingenious debut from director Andrew Patterson has been kicking around the festival circuit all year and quietly wowing audiences by the dozens; it knows exactly how to work its retro Twilight Zone mojo without feeling like a third-generation copy of film-brat nostalgia.” -ROLLING STONE

“a thrilling, playful return to a cozy, antique way of storytelling when the nighttime was full of endless possibilities.” -THRILLIST

“One of the biggest stories of the year in terms of genre film has to be Andrew Patterson’s clever “The Vast of Night” -ROGEREBERT.COM



“More than almost any other film this year, it is a great representation of the ‘calling card movie,’ a film that announces a talent to watch” -ROGEREBERT.COM



“It has that echo of something like Christopher Nolan’s ‘Following,’ an imperfect film that still heralded a major talent, which, believe it or not, also premiered at Slamdance. Don’t be surprised if Patterson follows the same path.” -ROGEREBERT.COM



“‘Vast of Night’ is a stunning directorial debut” -THE POP BREAK



“a daring compilation and composition that pays off virtually without flaw.” -THE POP BREAK



“The Vast of Night is a film that lures the audience’s attention to the screen and will leave you wanting more films from Patterson down the road.” -SLASH FILM



“‘The Vast of Night’ Delivers a Slow Burn That is Both Dazzling and Uniquely Distressful” -SLASH FILM



“The Vast of Night belongs on your must-watch list. A new voice has arrived in Patterson, and we should take notice.” -FILM SCHOOL REJECTS



“The Vast of Night takes big experimental swings on an independent budget and the fact that it all works is impressive as hell. Patterson is evidently the kind of director happy to take risks in the service of the story, in other words: he’s one to watch.”




“The influences (and not to mention the narrative themes) here don’t always invite an understated approach, but this film does it beautifully and with satisfying narrative payoff.” -THE FILM EXPERIENCE



“While something as nostalgia-heavy as The Vast of Night could have easily come off as a cheap rip-off off its influences, Patterson has instead created something remarkably transfixing on its own. It's an impressive first film that suggests Patterson's a filmmaker to keep tabs on going forward into the night.” -TV GUIDE



“a beautifully minimalist mystery that pays homage to Twilight Zone with hints of Cold War-era radio plays … it’s like nothing I’ve seen in a while” -THE GATE


“If the reaction to The Vast of Night at Fantastic Fest is any indication, this low-key science fiction film may very well work for you and be the sneaky surprise of the year … I found myself thinking more and more about a movie that I can’t quite pin down” -SLASH FILM 


“As Everett starts hearing from people who know what's going on, we realize it's people of color and women who are calling--and no matter how often they try to tell the truth, no one will listen. It's a small touch, but a poignant reminder of the importance of letting marginalized voices be heard and not glossing over the past's flaws for the sake of nostalgia” -GAME SPOT 

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